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Prompt One: Midtown Market

I have recently realized that to date, I have lived in Minneapolis for two years, two months, twenty four days, ten hours and forty-two seconds (just estimation). During this time, I have ventured from here to there, and happened to discover new and exciting environments along the way. However, environments like the Midtown Market have somehow gone under my radar during the time that I have occupied this city.
I have heard whispers of this location from various people, but never really knew where it was or what it was about. As it turns out, it is truly a hard structure to miss. On my comings and goings I have passed this building without even knowing that within lies an environment with the liveliness unlike most anything else in this city.
As I First entered the doors, my senses were ambushed by such an array of aromas that I felt removed from the environment I am most familiar with and placed into a completely different world. The colors began to stimulate my mind. I noticed the sound of music from a soloist playing a guitar that drew people near as they sat down for something to suffice their appetites. The traditional provisions and hand-crafted art brought in from all reaches of the globe made me feel as though I could literally travel from China to Africa in all but a few steps.
Having such an environment occupied by this array of culture is what I realized creates the very present glow of energy within the space. The assortment of unique shopping places inhabiting the Midtown Market offers a different experience to each who enters. I felt that just being in this space made me feel more lively and energized.
For someone looking to become influenced by this energy I would recommend simply immersing oneself into the world of Midtown Market. By this I mean take the time to look, really look, at all the materials that occupy the setting, try a new type of food that makes you think, or dive into conversation with shop owners or someone you bump into. There is just so much to look at and absorb. I have experienced similar places before, but usually in environments traditionally considered more exotic than Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is what I feel makes this place matchless among others.