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October 23, 2006

Answers to Chaotic and Complex Questions

Oppositions and their resolutions seem to be answers to the world’s often chaotic and complex questions.

Have you ever found yourself gazing up to a clearing in the trees that lies on a seemingly unreachable hilltop, cliff, or even mountain and asked yourself “I wonder what the view is like from up there?? This question is opposition at play. Man verse gravity.
The only solution to this question however, is to climb. Humans weren’t exactly built to climb freely up a mountain. This is how I believe the resolution of mountain climbing was created. Someone, at some time, saw some inaccessible location and began to climb.

How should one get from point A to point B? Walking is an option, so is running, biking, or even hitching up that horse and buggy. What would be the best option if the distance between point A and point be was measured in thousands of miles? Still, walking, running, biking or even the carriage is an option, but not ideally the best idea. This is how I believe the resolution of the automobile was created. Someone, at some time, decided that walking, running, biking or ridding that buggy was not the best solution to the needs of transportation.

In the last lecture, Ozayr also talked about his seven resolutions to oppositions. The last of these was stated as ‘Redundancies as Responses’, creating a backup to a preexisting system. All I wanted to say about this is… brilliance.

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HoT sPrInG

A hot spring is a phenomenon.

A hot spring is classifiable as a phenomenon because it consists of complex qualities such as being a thing, having a framework as well as clockwork.

A thing is simple enough to argue because a hot spring is located within a particular space (Yellowstone National Park), is always of unique size and/or shape (measurable perimeter, surface area, volume) and it can also be compared to similar things (a ocean, a lake, a pond).

A framework requires a means to record measurable data. A hot spring is measurable in temperature of the water (a nearly consistent temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Clockwork requires a means to show an interaction with surrounding things. A hot spring interacts greatly with its environment. The heating of the water is caused naturally by geothermic heat deep below the Earth’s crust. The deeper these depths are below the crust, the higher the water temperatures can get.

A hot spring has also been classified as possessing therapeutic abilities. Due to the fact that heated water can naturally hold more dissolved solids and cooler water, hot springs often have a very high mineral content, containing a variety of minerals from simple calcium to lithium or radium.

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October 2, 2006

A First Created

Distinctive ambiance = genius loci.
The evening consisted of elegant dinning, dancing, socializing and entertainment. Excitement fluttered through each exchanging glance or accidental touch. Anticipation of the unknown quickened each heartbeat. Evening turned to night accompanied with a crisp air. Comfortable. The stars shown brighter than most any night remembered. Sitting at first, talking in an attempt to create a distraction from what each wanted, but couldn’t reach deep enough for the nerves. Moving to stand in the intense light created such a contrast of light to dark, that nothing could be seen besides each other. Eyes fixated, hearts beat in tune with one another. The love that had blossomed was without intention or much knowledge. This was the night a first had been created, and this first would be remembered till the end of eternity.

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Childhood = Mud Pies


I would go so far as to say that I am an advocate for this issue. I will also go so far as to say that I carry a bit of a bias but I am willing to take on any debate about the subject.

Children need SPACE to grow! Space is that of the equivalent to a yard, grass, fresh air, fresh anything. They just need space. This is where I believe that creativity is spawn from. Children don’t learn how to become amazing chefs, serving mud pies to the neighborhood, in the confinement of a four walled living space. They don’t learn how to construct architectural masterpieces without first building a sound sandcastle.

If not obvious, I grew up in an environment large enough to spread my wings, swing from the tree branches, and to be able to hide from my sister and not be found for hours if wanted.

I will admit my experience is limited, but it seems to me that children who grow up in larger cities don’t get to experience a fair childhood. They have no room to run and explore without the risk of getting hit by buses or, sadly, kidnapped by strangers. These are not unheard of in smaller towns, but they seemingly happen less often.

I am not oblivious to the facts, and do take serious consideration that not all family and living situations allow for such child rearing to occur. This is why I would encourage the development of better and more available park systems. These should be environments for children. A place for them to learn about life and its beauty, not about how to steal and cause potential trouble, is incalculable in the life of a child.

Let them explore the un-built environment for a change. They have the remainder of their lives to be enclosed.

Thank you for considering.