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Answers to Chaotic and Complex Questions

Oppositions and their resolutions seem to be answers to the world’s often chaotic and complex questions.

Have you ever found yourself gazing up to a clearing in the trees that lies on a seemingly unreachable hilltop, cliff, or even mountain and asked yourself “I wonder what the view is like from up there?? This question is opposition at play. Man verse gravity.
The only solution to this question however, is to climb. Humans weren’t exactly built to climb freely up a mountain. This is how I believe the resolution of mountain climbing was created. Someone, at some time, saw some inaccessible location and began to climb.

How should one get from point A to point B? Walking is an option, so is running, biking, or even hitching up that horse and buggy. What would be the best option if the distance between point A and point be was measured in thousands of miles? Still, walking, running, biking or even the carriage is an option, but not ideally the best idea. This is how I believe the resolution of the automobile was created. Someone, at some time, decided that walking, running, biking or ridding that buggy was not the best solution to the needs of transportation.

In the last lecture, Ozayr also talked about his seven resolutions to oppositions. The last of these was stated as ‘Redundancies as Responses’, creating a backup to a preexisting system. All I wanted to say about this is… brilliance.

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