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HoT sPrInG

A hot spring is a phenomenon.

A hot spring is classifiable as a phenomenon because it consists of complex qualities such as being a thing, having a framework as well as clockwork.

A thing is simple enough to argue because a hot spring is located within a particular space (Yellowstone National Park), is always of unique size and/or shape (measurable perimeter, surface area, volume) and it can also be compared to similar things (a ocean, a lake, a pond).

A framework requires a means to record measurable data. A hot spring is measurable in temperature of the water (a nearly consistent temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Clockwork requires a means to show an interaction with surrounding things. A hot spring interacts greatly with its environment. The heating of the water is caused naturally by geothermic heat deep below the Earth’s crust. The deeper these depths are below the crust, the higher the water temperatures can get.

A hot spring has also been classified as possessing therapeutic abilities. Due to the fact that heated water can naturally hold more dissolved solids and cooler water, hot springs often have a very high mineral content, containing a variety of minerals from simple calcium to lithium or radium.

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