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Mathematics and Design

The idea of mathematics and its relation to design is a rather interesting topic to have explored. Through the process of designing a house, let’s say, the presence of mathematical factors are rather predominate and clear to point out. For example, the formula behind the proper rise and run of a stair case, the use of triangles to better strengthen a structure as well as the use of 90 degree angles to make walls stay erect.

Mathematics can often defy all norms and odds to create some rather interesting and inconceivable designs. This can be seen through the craftsmanship of the weaver bird, the cliff swallow and the crested cassiques. These birds have developed a mystifying system to build their nests on the edge of all limitations and near points of destruction. There is evidently a formula of some sort that keeps these nests from collapse or crumble. I believe that this mathematical system is achieved through the use of the proper ratios of numerous light weight materials and adhesives. It must also be noted that the mass of the birds themselves is an important factor. This is because though a bird may seem larger in size; their over-all weight is not too significant due to the fact that their feathers have hollow stems.

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