Minutes from 03-28-13 meeting

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Here are the minutes from what is likely the last official meeting of the curriculum review board. Preliminary results of the faculty vote on the proposed curriculum showed equal representation from all departments, with the respondents voting in support of the proposed curriculum by a wide margin.

The final agenda item is a listing of tasks that will be required of the collegiate curriculum committee, the chairs and vice-chairs of the departments, and faculty and staff representatives in Academic and Student Affairs as we assist faculty in implementation of the curriculum.

A big vote of thanks to:

- The members of the curriculum review board for all their hard work - Dave Brown, Mike Conzemius, Dan Feeney, John Fetrow, Erin Malone, and Jim Mickelson
- Staff in Academic and Student Affairs, the departments and centrally, who provided information and support
- The faculty who helped this come to pass by active engagement in course review and discussions about curriculum
- The administration, including the department chairs, Dr. Molgaard and Dr. Ames, for their support and their great ideas


Documents for vote March 2013

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Minutes from 03-07-13 meeting

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Here are minutes from today's meeting of the Curriculum Review Board. We discussed concerns that had been brought forward by faculty members and a report of discussions with the Department Chairs. Please make sure to attend the Town Hall meeting next Wednesday, March 13, in 215 Pomeroy, where the curriculum will be discussed.


Minutes from 02-21-13 meeting

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Here are minutes from our most recent meeting and a copy of the draft curriculum. The draft curriculum will be presented and comments / concerns gathered at department meetings, a meeting of the curriculum committee, and a Town Hall meeting on March 13 at noon in 215 Pomeroy. The curriculum review board will consider all of those comments and concerns and any brought forward from comments on this site or other venues. Thank you for taking the time to review this information!

proposed curriculum documents for dept meetings.doc

Minutes from 01-31-13 meeting

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Here are the minutes from the most recent meeting of the Curriculum Review Board. We are missing proposals from only a couple of faculty groups and once we have those, we can look at balance between semesters for student workload and consider how best to structure track requirements and electives.


Minutes from 01-17-13 meeting

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Attached are minutes and within those minutes is the draft curriculum generated by faculty members - as always, happy to answer questions and hear comments!


Minutes from 12-20-12 meeting

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Here are minutes from today's meeting. The curriculum review board thanks everyone for their time and effort in attending course consolidation meetings and working through proposals to help us all work toward a more streamlined curriculum with clear core components and better presentation of elective content by track.


Also attached is the end-of-year review for the Dean and for presentation to the larger University community.

CVM curriculum review update 12-19-12.doc

Minutes from 11-29-12 meeting

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We discussed elective courses at this meeting. We're not ready to enact anything yet, as we continue to work with faculty on the core courses in the draft curriculum, but we would very much like to hear input regarding plans for elective coursework.


Update for 11-16-12

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Several more course consolidation meetings were held this week and some courses have presented drafts of their content and sequencing. We will start mapping the draft curriculum as we get more data.


Update for 11-09-12

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There were no course consolidation meetings held this week, due to inability of key personnel to attend. Watch for updates again next week - Peggy

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