Minutes from 04-05-12 meeting

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The primary focus of today's meeting was determination of competencies for our students and at what point in the curriculum we expect them to demonstrate this knowledge and these technical and non-technical skills. This will be used to guide decisions about courses and their sequencing. Many people have provided input on these competencies over the years including multiple faculty groups, students, and practitioners. Please note that species are not designated and there will, of course, need to be extensive discussion regarding for which species given competencies are relevant. The curriculum review board also is looking for input regarding which are considered universal, and therefore would be part of the core curriculum, and which are not universal and so would be included in the tracked part of the curriculum. These competencies will be posted as hard copies on the curriculum revision wall downstairs in the VMC around the corner from ultrasound on or after April 10, 2012.

A provocative question for you - what do you think of President Kaler's idea about year-round attendance for students? Could we make this model work at the College of Veterinary Medicine?


year one competencies.xlsx

year two competencies.xlsx

year three competencies.xlsx

year four competencies.xlsx

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