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Minutes from 05-31-12 meeting


Today we finalized the draft for 3rd year spring and looked at pre-requisites, how they might be changed, and how they might change what we offer in the curriculum. As always, looking for input - thanks - Peggy


Minutes from 05-24-12 meeting

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Here are the minutes from today's meeting. We're having a little trouble wrapping our minds around the best way to provide electives for 3rd year spring, largely because we have not yet really pinned down what material is truly core and so required for presentation earlier in the curriculum. We have determined electives contain material that is not core for all students and that elective courses also provide an opportunity to provide deeper engagement and hopefully deeper learning of species- or discipline-specific material.


Minutes from 05-17-12 meeting

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Today we worked on a draft for curriculum for 2nd year and 3rd fall. Please note that this is a draft - we will be working at next week's meeting to accomplish the following -

- consider placement of topics within large courses, appropriate credit distribution
- rebalance credits between semesters
- ensure coursework permits students to fulfill stated objectives and competencies
- consider offering of electives in early part of curriculum
- consider scheduling issues (all in-class work in am, laboratories in pm M-Th, Friday pm for electives, for example)
- consider making elective options in 3rd year spring uniform and small so mixed students can take those necessary but make it clear that students must start making choices and will be unable to take all electives offered


Minutes from 05-03-12 meeting


This was an exciting meeting for the curriculum review board as we created a first draft of a first year curriculum based on input from faculty, staff, students and outside constituents and on the data we have gathered over the last year.


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