June 19, 2009

Hello from Limerick...and Goodbye

Hello from Limerick...and goodbye. And that's no joke.

We've only been here a day and will be checking out early in the a.m. The trip has been a whirlwind...and I'm a little disappointed with how ilttle I've been able to access a computer. But that just goes to show how much time we've spent on the road at sites or in a bus, getting motion sick from traveling 'round tight corners at a high speed.

Visited University of Limerick today and met with the country's most known researcher in our academic area. My hands were on fire I was taking notes so quickly. I missed about half of what he said, but truly the lecture was enough content to fill an entire semester. It was great.

Took a little time for the Cliffs of Moher. Remarkably, we've had great weather when we've needed it, though it was very windy there.

And as for the wrap up on Dublin? I'm not sure where to start. There are too many stories for the amount of time I've been allowed on this computer. So those will have to come later, for those interested.

I need to say goodbye from Limerick, as a classmate needs to use the system here. Happy weekend everyone and see most of you soon.