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October 27, 2005

"I like to open with a cheap shot"

This guy lives on my porch

So, here this shit goes. I duped the blog idea from Ryken's, added some pwnsauce, and now I'm going to maintain this page as best I can. Maybe I'll have a fan following.

So we're going to go for a blog, something which I kinda hate, but I also kinda hate poetry right now, and I claim to be an author and student of it, and so this is a run-on sentence.
I'm an english major, avid cyclist, and recovering World-of-Warcraft-aholic. The three general topics of this blog will include cycling, words, and living in Minneapolis the way I do. Maybe I'll say something profound, or maybe this will all end up like every other journal (pronounced "gernal") I've ever tried; an incomplete and abandoned whim.
I'll include my own poetry at a later date, but here is some severe, steaming horse shit poetry, in the tradition of "spoken word." I have no idea who wrote it, but I think it's from The Onion.

The purple lake of desolation,
Here I sit.


Noone loves me,
So here I cry.
And write bad poetry,
And cry.

Is my rage.

Is my loneliness.

Is... also my lonliness.

Sylvia Plath ain't got shit on this tool.

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