June 3, 2005

Yeah, let's look at those conflicts of interest

From today's Star Tribune:

  • Long-simmering tensions between the Republican governor and DFL Attorney General Mike Hatch came to a head Thursday, with Pawlenty openly challenging Hatch's ability to represent the administration, saying that Hatch's possible gubernatorial candidacy may pose an insurmountable conflict of interest.

    With all of the challenges facing his administration, Pawlenty said, "If one issue is what the administration can and can't do, our attorney can't simultaneously be our political opponent." (Shutdown looms as Pawlenty lashes out at Hatch)

I question the governor's ability to do the right thing for the state of Minnesota when his ambitions are so clearly national. His insistent opposition to providing services for our state show a complete lack of disregard for the welfare of our state.

City Pages has a great article on this: Minnesota Held Hostage

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Conservatives don't try very hard to mask their hate for gays

Katherine Kersten, the Star Tribune's new conservative columnist, wrote a nice fuzzy post today all about why the right's anti-gay agenda is not hateful, but rather positive and uplifting. Of course, she didn't try very hard.

She makes it almost too easy, but what the heck. Some of her top points:

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June 1, 2005

European Union needs to be retooled

In the past week, the European Constitution has been voted down twice by Western European countries.

  • France: No 55% to Yes 45%
  • Netherlands: No 67% to Yes 37%

I don't think it's the end of the Europe. It's a necessary slap in the face that will cause a several-year delay and lead to reforms.

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May 31, 2005

We heart taxes!

Pawlenty offers cigarette 'fee'

So the governor has proposed to raise revenues with a "health impact fee." Of course it's a tax, not a fee -- I don't see how there could be any question about that. But semantics aside, and despite the fact that it probably won't go anywhere, this is a fantastic victory for liberals.

Even arch neo-con Pawlenty, with his no-new-taxes pledge to the Taxpayers' League, has admitted a simple fact: Minnesotans like their high-service society. And, needing to be re-elected, he'll do anything he can to provide it.

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