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Burnsville bartender breaks cocktail record

A Burnsville bartender broke the record for the most cocktails made in one hour Thursday at the Shout House, a dueling piano bar in downtown Minneapolis.

Chris Raph, 31, made 662 cocktails, easily breaking the current world record of 389 cocktails held by a bartender in Munich, Germany, said the Star Tribune.

A crowd of more than 300 people, which included an official judge from the Guinness World Records, gathered to watch the attempt, saidCity Pages.

The record-breaking 290th drink was auctioned for $225 and the 662nd drink was auctioned for $175. The proceeds went to charity.

According to the Guinness rules, each drink must be different otherwise the bartender may get away with just making several hundred screwdrivers.

But Raph said he kept it simple and had three bar-backs working to clear the drinks and clean the glasses.

Behind the bar, Raph had 110 bottles of vodka and tequilla, and gallons of fruit juice.

It took months for Raph to prepare for the event. After he learned about the record last summer, he contacted Guinness and then created a list of 784 drinks to work off of.