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Coleman appeals Senate decision

After judges ruled unanimously Monday that Al Franken is the winner of the U.S. Senate seat, Norm Coleman is beginning his appeal.

Even though he knows many Minnesotans are tired of hearing about the election, he believes "the law is on our side," said the Star Tribune.

His argument centers around how absentee ballots were counted. He said that in some places, such as Minneapolis, ballots were counted even though there were flaws such as missing signatures or unregistered witnesses. In other places, such as Carver County, ballots with these mistakes were thrown out.

However, the three-judge panel ruled that Franken had won by 312 votes.

According to an opinion article by the
Pioneer Press
, the judges agreed with Coleman that there were variations in the treatment of absentee ballots. However, the judges also agreed with Franken by saying that these variations did not violate the voter's constitutional right to equal protection under law.

If Coleman appeals to the Minnesota Supreme Court, the question would be "what tolerance for error is acceptable."