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United Airlines institutes new policy regarding obese passengers

United Airlines announced Wednesday that the company will be implementing a new policy that places restrictions on obese passengers.

If a passenger is unable to fit in a single sit, wear a seat belt or put an armrest completely down, the airline's first action would be to find a pair of empty adjoining seats where the passenger could sit free of charge, said the Chicago Sun-Times.

If this cannot be done, the passenger would have to buy a second seat at the cost of the original seat or pay the cost of upgrading.

If this also cannot be done, the passenger would be asked to rebook their trip on the next available flight. If the passenger cancels the trip at this point, he or she would get a full refund.

United Airlines said they decided to adopt the policy after receiving more than 700 complaints last year, said The Guardian.

Critics suspect that there will be a considerable amount of protest since many flights are take-off at full or nearly-full capacity.