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Anti-War Protest Staged in D.C.

A crowd estimated in the tens of thousands marched on the National Mall Saturday in protest of the Iraqi war, according to an AP report. The crowd consisted of celebrities, lawmakers, and "ordinary people" from around the country. Among the celebrity protesters was Jane Fonda, who received attention for protesting the Vietnam War in the past. The protest was mostly peaceful, although 300 people attempted to rush the Capitol. Police pushed them back and barricaded entrances.

The L.A. Times previewed the protest in a Friday article. Predictions of a massive D.C. protest were made and a list of those scheduled to appear was printed. However, The L.A. Times also previewed scheduled protests in L.A., San Diego, and San Francisco. The California protests were called "some of the largest expected." No mention of these protests was made by the AP. Obviously, the D.C. protest was the most prominent one, so it deserved more national news attention. The celebrity involvement also increased the news value of the D.C. protest. The California protests were important locally because interested residents may have wanted to know where to particiapte. It was also important for commuters, since protests could block traffic. As a national story, the California protests took a back-seat to the D.C. protest.

The lead of each article focused on the D.C. protest. The Times article simply went on to mention the local protests, while the AP report described the main protest in detail. Both articles worked fine, due to the nature of each. Since The L.A. Times article was a preview, information on local protests is necessary. As a summary, the AP report accurately and completely summarized the prominent protest in D.C.