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Are Atomic Centrifuges Being Built in Iran?

Contradictory reports were released Saturday regarding the current development of atomic centrifuges in Iran. The AP has reported that 3,000 centrifuges are being constructed at a uranium enrichement plant in Iran, to the alarm of a U.S. State Department member.

"If Iran takes this step, it is going to confront universal international opposition," said Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns.

However, according to a Rueters report, an Iranian nuclear official has denied any such development. This came in respone to comments from an Iranian parliament member.

So, what story is accurate? Currently, it would be impossible to validate either report. It is possible that Iran is constructing the centrifuges and officials are simply denying it. Or, the claim could be false and Iranian nuclear officials may be defending themselves. In either case, the AP lead that confirms that the centrifuges are being built is risky. If this report turns out to be false, the AP loses credibility since they would have published a false story. By running a story that leaves open both possibilites, Rueters is being much safer and wiser. Waiting for further information to surface is the best choice in covering this story.