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Wisconsin Man Returns Home After Frightening Fall

A Wisconsin man who fell from the 17th floor of a Minneapolis hotel and only suffered minor injuries returned home on Saturday, according to local reports. Joshua Hanson, 29, of Blair, Wis., fell from the Hyatt Regency on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis on January 20. Hanson amazingly only suffered a broken leg and collapsed lungs, although such a fall would usually result in worse injuries or death. Hanson will recover at home with his family.

The Pioneer Press covered Hanson, who has become nationally known, in a feature article. The article began by calling Hanson "Hanner", his nickname, and proceeded to give details of a party planned in his honor. The aim here is to give a more personal glimpse into the life of a man who survived a near-death accident.

On the other hand, The Star Tribune put more emphasis on the circumstances of Hanson's injuries. The news here is the remarkable details of the accident, not the personal details of Hanson's life.

Neither approach is wrong. The articles actually complement each other since they provide different angles of the story. Both the incident itself and Hanson's story are equally newsworthy and interesting. It was only a matter of choice for each paper as to which angle to persue.