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Alarming New Report on Global Warming

For the first time, climate change scientists are saying that global warming is inevitable and that human actions are the main cause. In a report released Friday by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the UN, 90 percent of the scientists concluded that carbon dioxide and other human-released greenhouse gases are triggering the global climate change.

Both BBC News and the New York Times are attributing these results to the aforementioned IPCC. The IPCC is the leading group on climate change in the world, consisting of hundreds of scientists and reviewers worldwide . They have issued a total of 4 climate change assesments since 1990. Undoubtedly, this is the best source for any news regarding global warming.

BBC gets further information from the EU Enviroment Commisioner, who is likely the best local source. Getting the commisioner's perspective places the story in a more localized context, since Brittish readers can probably relate better to a European authority figure than a non-European figure.

The New York Times takes the same approach. Their next source of information is a Harvard professor who is a climate and energy expert. He supplies his knowledge to the subject and the article even has a link to a complete report of his. This source functions in the same way that the EU commisioner does; it provides a national source with a high degree of credibility.

Each article uses sources in the proper way. The IPCC is the logical first source, since they are the definite authority on the subject. After that, choosing credible and respected local sources is the proper way to create a highly respectable and in-depth article.