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Festive Feast Fetches a Fortune

Arguably the most expensive meal ever, at around $1 million for 15 paid guests, was served Saturday night in Bangkok. The meal featured many exotic foods and rare wines. Along with the 15 paid customers there were 25 invited guests. Most of the meal's profits will go to charitable causes.

The AP put the initial focus on the hefty price tag and the potential record setting feat. More detail was later given to the meal's contents and descriptions of the chefs and diners. This article closed with a section that listed what 13,000 pounds (the price per diner) could also have been used for. Examples included sponsoring needy children for 17 years and building libraries for tsunami-damaged communities in Thailand.

A softer piece was written by Ian MacKinnon of The Observer in England. MacKinnon looked to stimulate the senses with his opening graph, which details the sights and sounds of the event. This approach puts the reader at the table as the food is being unveiled. From here, MacKinnon's approach is similar to the AP. He discusses the wealthy diners, the three-star chefs, and the rare wines and foods. Again, the exorbidant price is a main focus, due to its utterly staggering size.

For a story like this, the approach used by MacKinnon is the best choice. A subject involving such visual elements as exoctic foods, rare wines, majestic views, and high-rolling guests is best described using all five senses. Without use of the senses, a story like this lacks the type of spark and energy found in MacKinnon's article.