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Giuliani May Run in 2008

Rudolph Guiliani, former New York City mayor, has announced "there's a real good chance" he will run for president in 2008. He made that comment to an AP reporter Friday in South Carolina. Giuliani is most famous for how he handled the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and will challenge John McCain of Arizona and Mitt Rommey of Massachusetts, among others, for the Republican nomination.

The Associated Press and the New York Times both went straight to Giuliani for information. Giuliani's response was limited to him saying that he probably would run and that he would appeal to different people in a uniform way. Beyond that, the reports are only speculative at this point as Giuliani has not officially announced his candidacy.

The New York Times also got comments from Patrick Dorinson, spokesman for the California Republican Party. Dorinson provided insight on the Republican party's excitement over the possibility of Giulaini running. He also said that if Giuliani were to make his announcement at the Sacramento convention that it would be a wise decision, since the convention should be well attended.

Each article has enough sources. Since Giuliani is from New York, the Times wants to provide more insight on his chances. The AP article is more just a report of the news. As a hard news story, it gives enough detail into what occured on Friday. The Times article is simply more of an in-depth type report.