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Havard Chooses First Female President

Drew Gilpin Faust, 59, became Harvard's first women presient on Sunday when she was chosen to replace Lawrence Summers. After Faust's appointment, half of the eight Ivy League schools will have women presidents. Faust is a scholar of Southern history and was the dean of Harvard's Radcliffe Institue for Advanced Study before her promotion.

For many, this is seen as a huge step in gender equality. Only 20 percent of U.S. colleges and universities are run by women. Having a woman appointed president at one of the best universities in the country is a big step in leveling the playing field. A report by the Christian Science Monitor explores Faust's journey and discusses the struggles women encounter when they try to get jobs such as university president. The discussion centers around how Faust's appointment could effect other women who are looking for positions at the university. An AP report also gives a biographical account of Faust's life and describes the circumstances around the hiring. The AP gets less involved with the impact on gender equality, though they do touch on these issues some. The focus here is on the historical significance and the personal details. The Christian Science Monitor has a bigger-picture focus on how this hiring will impact women professors and professionals everywhere.