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Obama Officially Announces 2008 Candidacy

Barack Obama, the young Democratic senator from Illinois, officially announced his plans to run for president in 2008 on Saturday. Obama has only been in the Senate since 2004 and has considerably less political experience than his top rival for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton. Obama is the only black senator currently and could become the first black president ever.

An online article from National Public Radio explores the personal details of Obama and presents the strengths and weaknesses of his candidacy. The story focuses initially on whether Obama is here to stay or a product of hype. This sets up a question for the reader: Is Obama for real? What comes later in the articles is the substance on which one would determine the answer to this question.

The substance here is an examination of Obama's roots (his white mom and Kenyan dad), his seemingly genuine nature, and his strong anti-war stance. Each of these points further paints the picture of who Obama is. The structure of this story allows the reader to gradually learn more about Obama and, possibly, answer the burning question raised earlier.