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Pop Priness Checks Into Rehab

Britney Spears, the pop singing star, checked into a rehab center Thursday that could be confused as a lush resort. Spears, who has been battling alcohol addiction, will stay at Promises Residential Treatment Center in Malibu, Calif. A 30-day stay at Promises costs $48,000. The center has gourmet chefs, masseuses, private rooms, and two pools among other ammenities.

An AP report published in The Houston Chronicle went into detail about the Promises center. They detailed the fancy meals patients receive, as well as the serene view of the countryside. Richard Rogg, Promises' founder, said that his center was still very serious about recovery despite its perceived relaxed attitude. Other rehab clicics are know for their much more drab atmosphere and much more demanding requests on patients.

Another AP report, this one in The Sydney Morning Herald, focused on the more dramatic side of the Spears story. This report focused on Spears' wild behavior before checking into rehab, which included shaving her head bald and lashing out at a photographer's car. A website where pictures of her wild behavior can be found was also mentioned. These events tied into her ongoing custody battle with ex-husband Keven Federline.

Whether reporting on the soft or wild side of this story, it is still a bizarre episode. To see a once hugely succesful singer seemingly spiral out of control is quite the spectacle. For whatever reasons, our celebrities captivate us and we just can't get enough of them--particularily when it involves juicy, personal details.