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Prodi Given Second Chance

Romano Prodi, the Prime Minister of Italy who resigned last week, was asked by the president Saturday to retain his role. Prodi will face a confidence vote in parliament in order to reestablish some order in Italy. Prodi resigned Wednesday after a parliamentary defeat of foreign policy.

The AP has reported that even a vote of confidence does not ensure future stability. The International Herald Tribune concurred, noting that the current situation was "weak". Radical leftists, who were to blame for Prodi's resignation, will have to allign with Prodi for him to receive the support he needs.

This is obviously a situation worth watching over the next few months. It will be interesting to see how the Italain government functions under such turmoil. Expect plenty more news coverage in the coming month's as Italy's Parliament and Ministry deal with ongoing conflict. Initial coverage had been efficient in following this story in detail.