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Senate Democrats Draft Anti-War Legislation

Democratic Senators drafted new legislation Friday which calls for troop removal within 120 days and also calls for political action in resolving the Iraqi conflict. This legislation is a far cry from 2002, when both houses of Congress granted President Bush the power to invade Iraq. The new proposal will likely be voted upon in two weeks, though its chances of passing into law are slim, due to the number of Senate republicans and Bush's veto power.

The AP reported that the proposal calls for complete troop removal by March 31, 2008. Democrats have called President Bush out on the issue, saying that he is ignoring the majority of Congress and the public.

A more more fiery article was written by columnist Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post. Krauthammer criticized both houses of Congress, saying that current plans to end the war were flawed. He said the House's plan to defund the war sends the wrong message to the troops. He also criticized the Senate's plan to challenge the legalities of the 2002 authorization of force. This sounds to Krauthammer as if the Senate would authorize the use of force, except for combat. Such an idea is very illogical to him.

Of course, Krauthammer was granted more freedom than the AP writer. Krauthammer's piece dug deeper into the news and delivered stinging analysis, whereas the AP did its typical job of dutifuly reporting the facts. Its hard to disagree with an AP report; Charles Krauthammer offers much more room for just that.