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Senate Set for Showdown

The United States Senate will be a battleground for debate on Monday when a nonbinding resolution for Iraq will undergo a test vote. Republican John Warner of Virgina is the leader of a resolution that opposes any further troop buildup. Republican presidential hopeful Chuck Hagel will support Warner. Another Republican presidential hopeful, John McCain of Arizona, will lead a rival resolution which will support President Bush's call for an increase in troops.

Both the Associated Press and the New York Times went to the participants to get their contrasting points-of-view. McCain and Hagel, who will remain in the news as presidential candidates, had their first true war of words. Each Senator expressed his beliefs through direct quotes and paraphrased statements. They are the obvious focal points of the impending debate.

The only notable difference in coverage was he Times style of dramatizing the lead. Instead of a staright-forward approach, the Times called the debates "bitter and personal exchanges" and compared the debate to sparring. The New York Times went for a lead that draws attention and captivates the audience. The AP followed their traditional mold of using a more standard, simple approach. Since each paper accurately used the main sources of news, neither style of coverage was wrong.