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U.S. Marine Sentenced for Killing Iraqi Civilian

A U.S. Marine was sentenced to 8 years in military prison Friday for his role in the kidnapping and subsequent killing of an Iraqi civilian last April. Lance Cpl. Robert B. Pennington, 22, will serve 8 years for assisting in the killing of Hashim Ibrahim Awad, 52, in the Iraqi town of Hamdania. Pennington said that he did not fire any shots during the kidnapping.

The Associated Press reported that Pennington offered up his confession as a plea bargain to avoid other charges. Pennigton's mother also described how trying the whole event has been. Reuters reported that Pennigton's sentence was reached after five days of testimony. Pennington was the sixth person to plead guilty to involvement in the killing, according to the AP.

This last bit of information is the one thing the Reuters report lacked. It is important to know that Pennington was not the first person to plead guilty in this case. The large focus here is not Pennington himself but the whole case. Having multiple Marines involved in an awful case like this is the overall topic. Pennington is just part of a larger story.