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Blood-Red Moon a Treat for Stargazers

The first total lunar eclipse in almost 3 years happened Saturday night, which caused the moon to turn coppery red. Many observers were able to watch the spectacle, as the eclipse was visible in the U.S., eastern Canada, Europe, Africa and much of Asia.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon crosses into the shadow of the Earth. The moon appears copper red, brown or orange due to the remaining sunlight which strikes it. The National Post in Canada obtained reactions form those who watched it. Despite clouds in the early part of the event, many were awed by the moon's appearence.

“It’s very surreal,? said Frank Burke, 52, of Halifax. “You never see the moon looking like that.?

The entire event lasted 3 1/2 hours. Totality--when the moon is fully covered-- lasted an hour and 16 minutes.

Sky News in England called the eclipse "The most spectacular lunar eclipse in more than a decade." Astronomer concurred, regarding this as one of the most memorable in over 15 years. The eclipse was visible throughout England, as well as in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Clear skies prevented the eclipse from being obscured.