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Bush Reaffirms No Child Left Behind

President Bush lobbied Congress Friday to reauthorize his No Child Left Behind legislation. Bush is hoping to leave behind a solid legacy in public education when his term is over.

"My claim is it's working," Bush said.

According to an AP report, Bush is standing strong by his legislation, which establishes national standards all 3-12 students must meet. Bush warned Congress to not alter the core of the legislation. He said that if No Child Left Behind became too flexible and watered down it would be a disservice to students.

Indianapolis based WISH-TV focused on Bush's visit to New Albany, Indiana, where he made his comments about the legislation. Instead of focusing on what Bush said, this report got comments from local educators. One superintendent complained that the No Child Left Behind law did not come with the necessary funds to make the program effective. The legislation is being reviewed and may be revised before it is reauthorized.