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Former VP under Hussein Executed

Taha Yassin Ramadan, Saddam Hussein's former vice president, was executed in Baghdad on Tuesday for his roll in killing 148 Shiite Muslims in the 1980s. He was hung early Tuesday morning, according to the Independent Online.

Ramadan is the fourth person, including Hussein, to have been executed in connection to the killings of the Shiite Muslims. Saddam was executed in December, while the two others were executed in January, according to Reuters.

Ramadan's son expressed understandable disagreement about the hanging.

"It was not an execution. It was a political assassination," Ahmad Ramadan said.

Taha Yassin Ramadan was originally given a life sentence in November, but a February appeal changed his sentence to a death penalty. The U.S.-based Human Rights Watch said that Iraq should have refrained from the dealth penalty in this case, as there was insufficient evidence against Ramadan.

"Ramadan was convicted in an unfair trial, and increasing his punishment from life imprisonment to death reeks of vengeance," said Richard Decker, a member of the organization's International Justice Program.

It will be interesting to see if this actually turns out to be true. If a man was unfairly hung, how will this affect Iraq's fragile new democracy and volitaile current situation? Could this lead to some sort of protest? Only time will tell how Ramadan's execution will affect other realms in Iraq and elsewhere in the world.