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Suicide Bombings in Iraq Kill Dozens

A wave of suicide bombers set off detonations in Iraq Saturday that killed a large number of people, many of whom were police officers.

Various estimates of the death count have been released. Reuters said that at least 60 were dead, while the New York Times issued a more conservative estimate of at least 47 deaths. The worst attack occured outside a Baghdad police station. According to Reuters, 14 policemen were killed when a truck filled with explosives detonated. Six others were killed in this attack.

The New York Times reported that, despite U.S.efforts, car bomb attacks have not decreased this year. In fact, a record 44 car bombings occured in February. Suicide bombings in general have become a staple of the Sunni Arab insurgency.

Death counts are very sensitive statistics. Being accurate is essential, especially when it comes to informing families of the deceased. Newspapers have an obligation to only report confirmable deaths and to do it in an appropriate manner. Reporting deaths that didn't actually occur or failing to report deaths that did can be harmful to a community and to a newspaper's integrity.