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Winslett and DiCaprio Reunite

Apparently, there hearts can go on. Kate Winslett and Leanardo DiCaprio, who played romantic leads in the 1997 hit movie "Titantic", will be reuniting for an upcoming film.

"Revolutionary Road" will be directed by Oscar winner Sam Mendes, who also happens to be Winslett's husband. The movie is based on a critically acclaimed novel by Richard Yates, according to E!Online. The novel is about a family living in post-war suburbia that is not as happy with suburban life as they show. The Daily Record UK said that the movie will be about "thwated passion and the search for fufilment."

DiCaprio and Winslet are most famous for thier roles as star-crossed lovers in "Titantic". DiCaprio played Jack, a poor city man who snuck onto the boat. Winslett played Rose, a young womenfrom a very wealthy family. Despite her mother's protests, Rose began to fall for Jack. Jack dies in the water at the end after Rose promises she will always love him.

Work on "Revolutionary Road" is due to start this summer.