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YouTube Ad Brings Controvery to Democratic Race

Barack Obama has denied affiliation with an advertisement that portrayed Hilary Clinton as a "1984" type villian and that was attributed to BarackObama.com.

The ad, which was posted on YouTube.com and has received over a million hits, is a parody of George Orwell's "1984". In the ad, mindless drones sit and watch a Clinton speech, until a female athlete runs in and shatters the screen. This is followed by a line that announces the upcoming democratic primary and is similar to the famous Apple/Macintosh parody of the same scene.

``We had no idea who did it, and that's what we said originally,'' Barack Obama told AP writers. ``It's not an ad that we would have produced in our campaign.''

Hilary Clinton told the Chicago Sun-Times that the internet and sites like YouTube put campaigns in "new territory for everybody.''

Obama told the Sun-Times that his campaign would not be damaged by this ad, even though it's creator has connections to the Obama campaign. The ad was created by Philip de Vellis, who used to work for Blue State Digital, which is the company hired to produce Obama's web material. De Vellis has been called a "renegade" employee.