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California Convention Attracts Democratic Front-Runners

Top Democratic presidential candiates visited California Saturday and Sunday to attend the annual state party convention. With their primary moved up to next February 5, candiates like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and John Edwards wanted to make a good impression right away in the state with the most electoral votes.

The AP reported that Obama and Clinton took the stage on Saturday. Obama took the time to criticize Clinton for voting in favor of the Iraqi invasion, according to Newsday. Clinton saved her criticism for the Bush administration, repeatedly saying how poorly they have done since 2000.

Richardson and Edwards were the big names to speek on Sunday, according to the AP. Edwards talked to the press about the significance of California.

"California will now play a huge role in who the Democratic nominee for president is," Edwards said. "It's clear in the last two days ... that Democratic candidates are going to take it very seriously."

Richardson is trying to become the first Hispanic president. He addressed the crowd with a line made famous by Cesar Chavez, legendary founder of the state's farmworkers union.

"Si se puede!" — Yes, it can be done!