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Clinton Raises Record Amount

Hillary Clinton has raised $26 million so far in her campaign for the presidency in 2008, nearly three times more than the record for fundraising at this point. John Edwards, another Democratic hopeful, has raised $14 million so far. Barack Obama, who figures to be Clinton's main rival for the nomination, did not disclose his fundraising numbers. Rebublican figures also were not disclosed.

The previous record for fundraising at this point was held by Al Gore, who raised $8.9 million in 1999, according to Forbes. The New York Times reported that 80 percent of the 50,000 Clinton donors gave less than $100 dollars each, so much of Clinton's total was built up by small donations.

"We are completely overwhelmed and gratified by the historic support that we've gotten this quarter," Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle told Forbes

Clinton was even able to raise $4.2 million through the Internet, which is typically not a source of large donations. When all is said and done, the top candidates could all raise over $100 million before 2008 even comes around. Many expect Obama's fundraising to be quite large, maybe even larger then Clinton's. For now, however, Obama is not releasing his figures, although he did talk about fundraising in an interview with the AP

"I think we'll do well," Obama said. "I think that we should meet people's expectations. More importantly, I think we will have raised enough money to make sure we can compete for the next quarter and beyond. I think we'll do pretty well."