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Does Hip-Hop Hate Women?

A summit held at the University of Chicago Saturday addressed the implications of hip-hop music and women--apparently as a reaction to the Don Imus backlash. More than 400 people attended the presentation, according to the AP.

Don Imus, who lost his radio job for deflammatory remarks made about the Rutgers women's basketball team, said that rappers often said worse things then he did. This lead to some discussion in the music-industry, but too little action, according to some panelists at the convention.

Since Imus' firing, this topic has recieved much more public awareness and debate, according to the AP.

"Sexism is too convenient within the black community for black men," said David Ikard, an assistant professor at the University of Tennessee.

An editorial in the New York Daily News applauded the rap industry for finally realizing that they had to "elevate the cultural tone and messages of their music". The author said that this was the "right track" for the music industry.