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Earthquake Triggers Disasterous Tsunami in South Pacific

A magnitude 8.0 underwater earthquake unleashed a small tsunami on the Solomon Islands Mondoy, destroying at least one village and making several people go missing.

The tsunami had 12 to 15 feet tall waves, a local business owner told Rueters. The waves traveled up to 200 miles inland, wrecking homes as they went. Many of the houses that were on stilts are now sitting on the ground. Several large boats have been washed into the streets.

A local resident told the AP that the head-level or higher water flattened the homes on the coast. The downtown area is a mess as homes, boats, and people were scattered all over.

Death counts and damage estimates are very sketchy at this moment. Rueters has said that at least two villages were struck with four missing people. The AP said that the early death count was eight, with six of them being children. Other Pacific rim countries, like Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia, have been put under high alert and citizens of the Solomon Islands are being told to get to higher ground.

In a natural disaster story, detail is everything. For example, watching Hurricane Katrina unfold in front of us was quite the spectacle.because we saw almost every detail. In this story, the details of the devestation is what draws in the reader. As this latest tsunami develops, we will begin to see pictures and videos, which will add further detail to this dramatic story.