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Highway 36 Closing to Challenge Commuters, Car Show

Highway 36 will be closed between Maplewood and North St.Paul beginning Tuesday. This will be the first time the Minnesota Department of Transportation is completely closing a metro commuting route for a construction project, according to the Star Tribune. The idea behind this is to save time and money on the project.

Expect commuting to be difficult for a while as commuters scramble to find good alternate routes. An estimated 40,000 drivers will have their routes alterted, according to the Star Tribune.

"I'm kinda just waiting to see what happens," said Bruce Mike, a resident of North St.Paul who will be forced to plot out an alternate route.

The highway closure may also impact a long-running classic car show. The History Cruzers, a group of around 800 classic car owners, may have trouble holding their show with the highway closed, the Pioneer Press reported.

The Cruzers normally hold their show every Friday evening, but concerns have arisen about possible congestion on Seventh Avenue in North St.Paul as a result of not being able to use the highway. City officials are concerned that congestion of city streets may prevent emergency vehicles from getting around.

Members of the Cruzers have asked the North Saint Paul City Council to approve the show at their May 15 meeting. They hope traffic studies show that congestion fears are unfounded.