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Immigrants Protest Bush's Newest Plan

Thousands marched through downtown Los Angeles Saturday, angered by President Bush's plan for dealing with the over 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Bush's plan would grant work visas to the immigrants but require them to return home and pay thousand of dollars to become legal citizens.

The protesters marched through the streets and carried "Amnesty Now" signs, according to an AP report. They also danced to Mexican music and carried American flags above their heads.

"If they kick me out, who is going to take care of my daughters? The government? I don't think so," said Alfredo Gonzalez, a 33-year-old illegal immigrant. "We need full legalization and need it now."

Asian-American also protested the Bush plan. The LA Daily News reported that immigrant-rights groups have been mobilizing in an effort to prevent the new legislation from passing.

"If the White House proposal becomes reality, it will be nearly the same as the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882," said Michael Lin, executive director of the Organization of Chinese Americans.