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Protesters Clash With Russian Police in Opposition of Putin

A few thousand protesters were met by riot police in St.Petersburg on Sunday, the second day of anti-Kremlin protests. The protesters were calling for the resignation of President Vladmir Putin. According to Reuters, Russian police have been trained to detain activists, which has raised questions in the West. Some police kicked and beat demonstrators during Sunday's clash.

"Stop the beating," demonstrators shouted at the police. "Fascists. How much did Putin pay you?"

The anti-Kremlin movement has not been able to accomplish much, however. According to the AP, Putin is by far the most popular political figure in Russia. On top of that, Putin's Kremlin party controls the main television news channel, which limits the opposition's ability to get their message out. The Rossiya channel only briefly covered Sunday's protests.

Some in the opposition have said that the police's harsh tactics may reflect badly on Putin. They hope that the protests will bring negative publicity to Putin and ultimately lead him to fall out of office.