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Kenyan Jet Crashes;114 People Missing

A Kenyan Airways jet carrying 114 passengers crashed in southern Cameroon Saturday, according to multiple sources. People in nearby villages reported hearing a loud boom, according to the AP. The jet was headed for Nairobi at the time of its crash.

The plane crash occured in a heavily forrested area, which has made the search for survivors difficult. The AP reported that search planes have been flying over the area, but no wreckage has been found and no survivors have been spotted.

Weather may have played a part in the crash, as the plane departed in torrential downpour, according to Reuters. A local government official told Reuters that a plan is in place to locate any survivors.

"The crisis committee ... has decided to set up several teams made up of villagers to continue the search throughout the night," Placide Ndobo said.

It is still to early to determine the exact cause of crash.

"We need to get information from the technical experts as to whether it was occasioned by the weather or pilot error or mechanical fault,? Ali Chirau Makwere, Kenya's transportation minister, told the AP.