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May 7, 2007

How to make sexy buttons with CSS

I know it is late in the semester, but thought you would like to know!


May 6, 2007


We will follow the spring exam finals schedule provided by the University. Our final is the following:

Art 4909 Interactive II
Wednesday May 9th.
4:00 - 5:55pm in SBE 17

We will critique your final designs for the non-profit web site designs. You will need to hand in a CD/DVD with all web site files included as well as a written report on your final usability test and reasoning for your design direction.

Please check this schedule if conflicts arise between classes finals schedule.

May 3, 2007


Want to see what your website looks like in other browsers without having to find a computer actually running those browsers? Now you can! Visit browser shots where you can enter your url and have screenshots of your site in different operating systems and browsers. You'll be entered into a queue after you submit your preferences, so be prepared to wait for a little.