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Vice Presidential Debate

I was not at all shocked to see that the main focus Friday morning on CNN was surrounding the new bailout plan. Although I thought it only right for that so be the center of attention as our nation is in an economic crisis, I was still upset that criticism was placed on the back burner. There was still a bit of conversation of the VP debate and people’s reactions to it, but the discourse was not as in depth. I probably watched CNN for three or four hours straight Friday morning and when the discussion was pointed at the debate between Palin and Biden not many had anything great to say about it. Most were surprised along with myself that Palin did as well as she did. I was expecting much worse. But it was pointed out numerous times her inability to answer the question asked. If ever she was unsure of a topic she would regress to one she knows well, energy! It was also stated several times on CNN that overall no one was really impressed with debate just as no one was extremely impressed with the first presidential debate. I also took a look at the Los Angeles Times, which pointed out the level at which the debate took place. The range of differing vocabulary used by both Palin and Biden was definitely taken notice of. Palin used everyday “street? language, which to many did not seem appropriate for the national stage. I found Palin’s approach to the debate as very irritating, her incessant winking and smiles throughout serious conversation. I have to say I was impressed with Palin as I thought she would do much worse and also with Biden as he showed GREAT restraint. I would definitely give the win to Joe Biden. Although Palin was able to hold her own by diverting the conversation to a subject matter she was more comfortable with. Lastly, I was going to scream if Palin used the words ticket or maverick one more time!!!