February 2, 2005

Reflection on class 3

After the discussion regarding the Ross Caslon case study, my immediate thoughts went to how to engage a group of learners with a wide variety of backgrounds. Say your learner assessment shows some similarities, but any differences in terms of backgrounds, knowledge, experiences, motivation, etc. One thing you can do is try to build into a course a variety of learning activities, such as discussion, reading, presentations, group work, etc. that speak to a variety of learners. But the Ross Caslon case demonstrated any additional need for one on one counseling or mentoring, which I think often must be a part of a course in order to meet the needs of learners with disparate backgrounds. Ross may need to meet with each of the teachers in the study individually to show them what WebPath could do for them, rather than trying to rely on an Instructional Design- one size fits all idea.

Posted by royxx017 at February 2, 2005 7:44 PM