March 24, 2005

Reflections on Project Based Learning

The discussion on Project-Based Learning was very interesting to me, as I had never really considered this type of Instructional Design Model. I think we could have spent even more time on it in class, as it seemed to elicit strong opinions. One of the comments that was raised, was that with project based learning- do you even need an Instructional Designer since the students do so much in terms of deciding what kind of learning will take place. However, even with such a constructivist learning environment, it still seems as though there is a role for the Instructional Designer in terms of setting parameters for the project based experience (I think of this as similar to our final project- in that the final goal is very open, but there are some general parameters given in terms of content and due dates). I might not completely understand project based learning, but the fact that the school we talked about has used it so successfully is intriguing. I also find it interesting that someone would ask "what is the value in that?" about this method, since constructivist learning seems to forward thinking, valuable, and pretty much accepted now as a valuable strategy. Even though in class, the idea was being discussed pretty much only with kids, I started thinking about ways I could incorporate at least elements of it, into my work with adult learners.

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March 3, 2005

Reflection- March 1

I do believe that the front end analysis/data can and should impact whether a constructist or behaviorist model/framework is used or applied. I used the example in class, that depending on the subject being taught (for example) this might dictate the type of learning environment that works best. For example, in a corporate, business, manufacturing, etc. environment, there may be certain concrete skills that absolutely need to be taught. A behaviorist model may in fact be the best (and possibly even necessary) in this kind of scenario.

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ID Model Assignment

Janine and I did our Instructional Design Model presentation, and presented the Hannafin/Peck Model. Upon reflection, I think it went ok. I found the idea of the model interesting, and as I've mentioned on this blog before, I feel that evaluation is so important, and often gets left behind, particularly formative evaluation. I felt that the Hannafin/Peck Model tries to build that into the process. Originally Janine and I felt the model was "streamlined" but through the discussion I realized that it actually might be more complex than can really be achieved due to the complexities of evaluation. I still am not quite clear on how these "models" are actually used, apart from purely theoretical frameworks.

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