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TRT-International Falls

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To develop sustainable tourism recommendations for east end of Rainy River.


U of M partners:

  • NMSDP, Tourism Center
  • Extension
  • College of Natural Resources

Community partners:

  • CVB
  • DNR
  • Kooch County
  • Boise
  • Voyageurs National Park
  • Explore MN, etc.


We implemented the TRT process of community selection, site visit, and plan/
recommendation as follows:
  • Finalized application forms and advertised the TRT program.
  • The community applied for assistance.
  • The NMSDP TRT group reviewed the application and selected applied for I-Falls as our pilot project.
  • Informed the applicant and worked with all stakeholders to plan the TRT visit. This included forming a counterpart community team and developing an agenda for the visit.
  • Had a three-day “TRT Visit” in July 2004, which involved a participatory assessment of the needs, context, resources, challenges and opportunities relative to sustainable recreation and tourism in the area. The team developed and presented preliminary insights and suggestions to the community at a final meeting on the last day of the Team Visit.
  • Produced a draft report addressing the needs identified by the community and suggesting possible strategies for meeting those needs. This was sent to the community for review and comments based on which the draft report was revised to produce the final report.
  • Presented the final report in October 2004. Made a few more changes based on additional feedback and submitted the final report to the community shortly thereafter.


  • Produced report for Int’l Falls with specific actionable items for different tourism segments.
  • More tangible results will be achieved if/as pieces of the plan are implemented in 1 to 5 years.
  • Initiated short and long-term constructive project/program evaluations.



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