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Learn more about our work in Natural Resources


Natural Resources of the region provide a foundation of goods and services that support the other areas.  The NW RSDP supports projects that align with these aspirations:
  • A healthy functioning landscape provides clean water, rich soils and diverse habitats.
  • There is widespread awareness of the natural resources and amenities in the region, and the landscape services they provide.
  • Regional residents are aware of their personal resource consumption and recognize that natural amenities support quality of life.
  • Regional land and water stewardship practices support a healthy economy and landscape for the long term.
More specifically, the NW RSDP board invites ideas that respond to these priorities:
  • Engage people in recreating, observing and monitoring in the natural environment.
  • Demonstrate restoration of habitats and landscape services on working lands.
  • Create access for many ages to connect to nature.
  • Tell stories about the value of protecting natural resources. 


The following are members of the Natural Resources Work Group:
  • Katy Smith, Univeristy of Minnesota and NW RSDP
  • Ruth Ann Franke, MN DNR and NW RSDP
  • Matt Simmons, University of Minnesota
  • Doug MacArthur, White Earth DNR
  • Dave Bennett, US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Maggie Anderson, retired USFWS and former NW RSDP
  • Wayne Goeken, International Water Institute
  • Lynda Knutsen, US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Henry VanOffelen, MN DNR
  • Eric Anderson, USDA NRCS


The Natural Resources Work Group meets regularly (scroll down to view schedule) to develop ideas, consider proposal and build a network of partners interested in the aspirations listed above. If you have an idea to share with the work group, please use the RSDP Project Idea Brief posted under the images.

Please see the NW RSDP calendar on the Northwest webpage for work group and board meeting dates. 

Natural Resources Work Group schedule

Idea Briefs and Project Proposals are due to be submitted to Linda Kingery 14 days prior to the work group meeting.  Location to be announced.
  • 2/13/14
  • 410/14
  • 6/12/14
  • 8/14/12
  • 10/9/14
  • 12/11/14
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