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Learn more about our work in agriculture and food systems


Purpose: Local Foods + Sustainable Agriculture encompasses food and cropping systems for local and regional markets.

The NW RSDP supports projects that align with these aspirations:

  • Models, value chains and policies support farmers raising food for the NW region, for Minnesota and the Midwest.
  • Local foods are available, accessible and affordable for food security.
  • People in the region choose to purchase local foods; regional demand is strong for healthy, local foods.
  • Healthy food nourishes healthy people and a healthy environment.
  • More specifically, the NW RSDP board invites ideas that respond to these priorities:
    •  Increase food access and availability through community and school gardens and farmers markets.
    • Support farmers and market vendors by offering training for food production and marketing.
    • Support the development of regional food systems through food hubs and farm to institution efforts.
    • Support research and outreach to reduce barriers to local food procurement by institutions.


    NW RSDP board members: Mark Askegaard, Abby Gold, Michele Schermann, Kristin Eggerling

    Extension: Noelle Harden, Jim Stordahl, Terry Nennich, Sara VanOffelen, DeeAnn Leines, Greg Schweser

    Public Health: Gina Nolte, Kirsten Fagerlund, Janet Lindberg, Sarah Reese

    Community: Tom Lenertz, Barbara Schulstad, Chuck Schulstad


    The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Work Group meets regularly (scroll down to see schedule) to develop ideas, consider proposal and build a network of partners interested in the aspirations listed above.  If you have an idea to share with the work group, please use the RSDP Project Idea Brief posted under the images.

    Please see the NW RSDP calendar on the Northwest webpage for work group and board meeting dates. 

    Please view this Prezi - you'll want to view it full screen, and use the arrow keys at the bottom of the frame to move through the presentation. 


    Meeting Agendas and Summaries are posted below for fiscal year 2014

    Food and Agriculture Work Group Schedule

    Idea Briefs and Project Proposals are due to be submitted to Linda Kingery 14 days before Work Group meeting date.  Meeting location to be announced.
    • 2/7/14
    • 4/3/14
    • 6/5/14
    • 8/7/14
    • 10/2/14
    • 12/4/14
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