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Cold Climate Greenhouse Resource


The U of M Center for Sustainable Building Research conducted site visits, interviews, literature reviews, and an online survey to identify successes and innovations of growers across the Midwest who have demonstrated the ability to grow and distribute fresh produce over long and cold winters, without heavy reliance on fossil-fuel based energy sources.


  • Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center
  • University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Building Research
  • University of Minnesota Design for Community Resilience Program
  • University of Minnesota Center for Urban & Regional Affairs
  • University of Minnesota Community Assistantship Program (CURA-CAP)


Information gathered was compiled into a guidebook that describes the architecture, materials, and building techniques these growers used to design and build efficient, yet simple, cold climate greenhouses.
The “Cold Climate Greenhouse Resource" was released in December 2013. Access the guidebook using links above. The first opens to a PDF file you can print out for everyday use. The second link opens to a version designed for easy online viewing.

A case-study design was also developed for a cold-climate greenhouse at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center for educational events and on-campus food production.


SERP FY2014 spent: $8,790

CURA-CAP internship: ~$6,000

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