Wedding Whirlwind

I feel as though the wedding mayhem has definitely picked up speed lately, clouds of dust are circling around me, and I am not quite sure where I am going to land. After taking a break from wedding planning to move (at what point, exactly, will we feel we have finally completely "moved" and aren't still "getting settled"?), it's time to pick it back up given we've got just over 3 months to go.


Top on the list is deciding exactly what we are going to be serving, both for food and for drinks, as well as the songs for the reception. It's important to have slow songs (since we'll have lots of couples there, including many newlyweds!), but the fast ones are the songs that really get people moving. Song ideas, anyone? I was initially going to go with a "1979, 1997, present day" theme to the music. This is proving more difficult than I initially thought, as there aren't a lot of "good" (realizing the good is a relative term) songs to get your groove on in the 1997 year. What to do, what to do.

Other things to do/decide/make:
* Our alternative guest book
* Buy the rings!
* Get the marriage license (detail, detail)
* What will Matt say as the officiant?
* What will we say?!
* Make the bouquet and other flower-ish things
* Try on the dress (when, oh when, will it arrive from Louisianna?)
* Finish all those darn favors/decorations
* Make our backdrop
* Sew the vests for the guys
* Address the envelopes so we can send out the invites
* Order the cake topper
* Buy food ingredients and liquor
* Hair/Makeup dilemmas

This list is getting too long and I'm getting stressed just writing it! It will feel good when I can check things off.

Maybe I'll just do that and pretend like I actually got it done! : P

Any ideas for stress relief?

I think I shall quit my job and become a wedding coordinator. This has been like a full-time job at times, anyway. I could do it!

...or not...